I appreciate your enthusiasm, but this analysis is woefully simplistic. Making sweeping generalizations about Christianity and Pastors from your own basic experience is neither scholarly, nor particularly helpful.

Christians, the Christian Faith, Christianity and Scholarship is Millenia old, has gone through more permutations than perhaps anything except Western Science, is nuanced, rich and deep.

For example, I read my daily Bible Readings with Bible Gateway and it has a list of 20-30 study bibles just for the New King James Version (NKJV) which I read. It gives me glosses on the reading, different translations for words and even attempts to interpret why words might have been read or heard differently in the past, and now.

Just because a word might be translated differently depending on whether the word was spoken in Aramaic or Hebrew, then rendered in Greek by the Gospel writers, doesn't mean its accepted meaning in English, today is wrong.

I think most Scholarly Christians, or even Christians who have studied the Bible in more than just a surface level groupthink "Bible Study" class realize how much the various Biblical texts have been, are and will continue to be open to interpretation.

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