Thanks for the thoughtful, and accurate post. I was at a startup in Palo Alto right as the Dotcom “wave(let)” crested and was amazed at how much money investors threw at a company that had technology, but no identified market. I thought about writing something about that (a book, a play, heck, maybe a poem) but never did.

I think your remarks can be applied to a lot of industries and regions. I am a good, solid Progressive Liberal, and by all accounts I should hate the State (Oklahoma) where I live, and the Industry (Energy) in which I now work.

Why don’t I? Because as much as Liberals like to take shots at Red States and “evil” industries like the Hydrocarbon industry, the fact is that Oklahoma is a wonderful place to live, the people are generally good, salt of the earth types who yes, probably voted for Donald Trump. And the “dirty” industry I work in is actually providing significant economic value for much of the US. Is it killing the world through Climate Change. Maybe. But Maybe not.

My point is, like the view of Silicon Valley as being far more nuanced than the hype, the view of the South, and Oil and Gas is the same. If one opens one’s eyes one sees the good, and the bad, in anything.

“I’ve grown lean from eating only the past” — Jenny Xie

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